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Fire Damage Restoration

Your property has just sustained heavy damage in a fire and now that the fire trucks have left you are confused what to do next. This is where you have to take a decision, either to fix it up yourself or hire a professional fire damage restoration company. We suggest you go for the latter, let us tell you why.

Smoke odor removal and fire damage clean up is a detailed and intricate process and 24 Hour Irvine Water Damage Pros company does it professionally. The process is not easy and therefore the technicians who are allowed to do this work needs to be certified. But just because a company has a certified staff that doesn’t mean they are qualified to work on your property.

Here are a few things that you need to take under consideration before hiring any company’s fire damage restoration services:
➔ How latest their certification is?
➔ Do they have safety and health certification?
➔ How much experience they have in fire damage restoration?
➔ Are they willing to show you the certificates and licenses?

Smoke and fire damage restoration isn’t an art that is learnt by just acquiring licences. You should only trust a company that has an experience dealing with damage restoration and 24 Hour Irvine Water Damage Pros is one of them. Not only do we have IICRC certified professionals, we are also available to you 24/7.

Safety And Restoration Tips
In extreme fire damage situations it is advised to call the professionals but most of the times if you consult with a damage restoration company they will advise you to get help. We at 24 Hour Irvine Water Damage Pros believe in giving you the right advice, while the professionals are taking their time you can follow these safety and restoration tips as advised by the IICRC:

➔ Wear a dust mask and gloves before you touch anything in the house.
➔ Ventilate your home, install an exhaust fan to air out all the dust and smoke.
➔ If you are planning on a cleanup do it top to bottom. Clean the ceilings, then the walls and fixtures, all the furniture/appliances and lastly the floor.
➔ You can use a vacuum cleaner that has a strong suction to clean the floor and upholstery.
➔ You can wash the unburnt and salvaged clothes with an alkaline cleaner.
➔ External walls can be cleaned by using detergent followed by pressure wash and rinsing from top to bottom.
But all this will not work if the damage is a bit severe. The fire may have warped, distorted or made the foundation weak, we would still recommend that you use a certified smoke and fire damage restoration company.

The Cost of Not Calling Professionals
Here is what usually happens to a residence or commercial property once it undergoes a fire extinguishing:
1. Within minutes of fire extinguishing the acid soot residue effects all the plastics in the home.
2. Within hours the acid residue grout makes metals (which were uncoated) weaken and lose strength, the counter tops and the furniture starts to have yellowish color.
3. Within days the walls become permanently yellow, the metal objects are corroded, the wood furniture and vinyl flooring have become useless and upholstery is stained permanently.
4. And after weeks, the fire damage clean up has become extremely expensive, the synthetic carpet fiber has been disclosed, your silver plates have been corroded entirely. China and glass needs replacing due to weeks of acid soot exposure.

Help is Here
There is no need to worry because help is here in the form of irvine Fire Damage Restoration. If you are looking for an experienced fire damage restoration company in Irvine, you should look no further. Here are five reasons why we are among the best:
– Experienced
– Affordable
– Latest Technique
– Friendly Staff
– Always Available

Don’t waste another second and dial 949-391-2994. 24 Hour Irvine Water Damage Pros promises that it will restore your house into a liveable and breathable home which is safe for both you and your family.


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